Eagleia Wiki
Supreme Court of Eagleia
Established 10th March 2009
Location Eagleton, DV
Composition method 2 Justices from each State, 1 Justice from each Territory and 1 Justice from Eagleton
Authorized by Constitution of Eagleia
Title of members Justice
Number of positions 11
Chief Justice
Incumbent Lord Dolphingy
since 1st July 2009

The Supreme Court of Eagleia is the highest Judaical authority in Eagleia. Until 3rd August 2009 a person could only appeal to the Judaical Committee of the Privy Council of Eagleia after a decision from the Supreme Court, this appeal system was severed on that date by the Privy Council after a request from the Supreme Court and Congress. The Supreme Court consists of 11 Justices (one of them the

The Supreme Court Building.

Chief Justice) with 2 members each from Northia, Sunnia, Goldentine and Einea, 1 member each from Reginaland and Corona, as well as one more justice from Eagleton. The Justices from the States are appointed by the Governor of the said state and approved by the Governor General. The Justice from Eagleton is appointed by the Governor General on advice from the Mayor of Eagleton. The Justices from the Territories are nominated by the Territorial Councils to the Governor General for appointment & approval. Finally, the Chief Justice is appointed by either the Queen or Governor General after a vote by the 11 Justices on the decision.

List of SCE Justices[]

Chief Justice: Dolphingy Lightus

Justice from Goldentine 1: Vanilla Caramel

Justice from Goldentine 2: Chancey Hugus

Justice from Einea 1: Catsup Caat

Justice from Einea 2: Rabbitshia Karrots

Justice from Northia 1: Sharkus Sharkistinople

Justice from Northia 2: Polarbee Whitehurst

Justice from Sunnia 1: Jirachi Lightus

Justice from Sunnia 2: Moltress Hugus

Justice from Eagleton: (Dolphingy Lightus)

Justice from Reginaland: Oakus Winnie

Justice from Corona: Ribbony Beary

High Courts[]

The Supreme Court devolves its powers to High Courts which head the Justice system in each State. The High Courts are lead by one of the two Justices from the said State. Those Justices stay in the capital of the State to hear High Court cases, and only go to Eagleton when needed for a rare full sitting of the Supreme Court. The Territories have 'Territorial Courts' to head their Justice systems instead. However these do not have the level of power granted to State High Courts. The point of the Highs Courts and Territorial Courts is that to ensure that a case rarely needs to reach or be put to the Supreme Court, which is meant to be reserved for the most important of cases, such as a violation of the Constitution.