capital city of the
Federation of Eagleia
City Flag
The Business Zone of Eagleton
Nation Federation of Eagleia
Location (See:Geography of Eagleia)
Population 5 million

Eagleton (DV) is the national capital of Eagleia. It is the seat of Congress. DV stands for District of Victoria, which is the Federal Capital district. Eagleton is also the largest city in Eagleia, as well as being the most populated.

The city contains all buildings of great importance in Eagleia, such as the Capitol Building of Eagleia, Eagleia Palace (The Queen's Eagleton residence), Victoria Place (The Governor General's residence), 10 Shell Avenue (The Prime Minister's residence), many Government buildings and ministry buildings, control centers, military command centers and so on.

In the center of Eagleton DV is the Capitol Building, the seat of Congress.

The current Mayor of Eagleton is Lady Tottington. Eagleton is run by a City Council and is divided into several zones.

Places of InterestEdit

The following is a list of famous or notable places in Eagleton and a description of the place:

Capitol BuildingEdit

See: Capitol Building of Eagleia

Eagleia PalaceEdit

Eagleia Palace

Eagleia Palace (Sovereign in residence).

One of the largest (by land area) buildings in the nation. It is the central seat and official Eagleton residence of the Sovereign of Eagleia. It is also a vast store house of many national treasures. A part of the Palace is also the official seat of the Privy Council of Eagleia. Diplomats from other nations present their credentials here and it is also a place for important state gatherings. In traditional ranking the buildings rank second to only the Capitol Building. The vast palace contains 1100 rooms in total. All members of the Royal Family and visiting Heads of State stay here when in Eagleia.

Victoria PlaceEdit

Victoria Place

Victoria Place (Governor General in residence).

Victoria Place is the official residence of the Governor General of Eagleia who is the federal vice regal representative of the Sovereign.

Empire Eagle BuildingEdit

Empire Eagleia Building

The Empire Eagle Building.

The Empire Eagle Building is the tallest Building in Eagleia. It dwarfs many buildings in the City of Eagleton. It was designed, built and completed during the pinnacle of Eagleia's former Empire. It was a tribute to and symbol of the then great Eagleian Empire. It is 818 m (2,684 ft) tall. It contains offices of major Eagleian companies and corporations and apartments as well. It has 162 floors.

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