The Council of Ministers (also known as The Ministry/Cabinet of Eagleia) is the political council to which Ministers of the Crown/State belong to. It is headed by the Prime Minister of Eagleia. It is the Prime Minister, he himself appointed by the Governor General after proving he has the confidence of the House of Representatives, who nominates people to become Ministers and therefore members of the Council of Ministers, to the Governor General.

The Council of Ministers, is, in practice, one of the most powerful executive bodies in Eagleia.

List of Members[edit | edit source]

The Ministers of the current Cabinet of Eagleia

The following is a list of the current Ministers of the Cabinet (according to the picture from left to right):

  • Heritage & Transportation Minister: Polaris Whitehurst
  • Minister for General Affairs: Chairy TB
  • Education Minister: Logicus Smartus
  • Foreign Affairs & Tourism Minister: Longus Giraffus
  • Prime Minister: Angelus Puppler
  • Deputy PM & Finance Minister: Squirtler Acorns
  • Media & Crown Corporation Minister: Penguni Pengus
  • Environment & Health Minister: Panda Bamboohurst
  • Defense Minister: Fluffy Puppler

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